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La Cité des Dieux Sauvages, Isabel Allende

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

La Cité des Dieux Sauvages is the Book to deep dive our Human Condition

Epic wanderlust adventure, Isabel Allende's book explores the historic prime location of Amazon and its people.

Alexandre, the protagonist, is invited by his grand-mother to be part of an expedition, accompanied by an anthropologist, a medical and an Indian people and his daughter to write a press article about the Beast. The latter would be a terrific monster, threatening the "nahab", foreigner people.

Supported by Guides - an invisible chaman, an old Indian ethnic person, a fairy - and Magic tools - a flute, rope - the Young Alexandre will experience a long, cosmic and initiatory route to become a luminous man. The hero will then be able to help her mother and the tribal ethnic from Amazon!

This impressive book is more than a novel, this a clue to help us understand who we are and how to accept it!

To go beyond the stars: Have a closer look at the pictural exhibition of Claudia Andujar at the fondation Cartier at Paris.

A never-to-be-forgotten experience!

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